East of Ireland Marathons

We all know the marathon tests runners to their limits, requiring specific training and longer-term planning than other races. While you�ll find considerable consensus in how to train for a 5K, experts differ on the best way to prepare for the extremes of the marathon.

Here at East of Ireland you�ll find upcoming marathons from a variety of surfaces, elevation and weather !

So click below and view our upcoming marathon events over the next coming months

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  • East of Ireland Mararthons

  • East of Ireland Mararthons

  • East of Ireland Mararthons

  • East of Ireland Mararthons

Welcome to the East of Ireland Marathons website.

Running a marathon is an amazing achievement. The east of Ireland marathon Series was formed to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. The group was set up by Ger Copeland and Frank Mc Dermott to make Marathons both convienient and affordable to those In Ireland.

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Photographs of previous East of Ireland Marathons

There are a number of places where you can find photographs of previous East of Ireland Marathon events. 

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